About Me

I'm currently a matchmove artist working on The Martian at Framestore. I have experience working in both commercials and feature film environments.


  • MatchmoveI've worked on top level projects for both film and TV using a variety of software.
  • AnimationI am developing skills in animation, and have been mentored by some incredible animators.
  • FXI am always looking for new techniques and methods within the FX arena


2nd JulyTerminator: Genisys
The new Terminator film goes on release
2nd Oct

The Martian

The release date has been pushed forward for The Martian

My Philosophy

Work hard and play hard. I consider myself so lucky to be working within an industry that I truly love and have passion for. Because of that I'm always willing to go above and beyond for any work I do.


However, this isn't just true for my professional career. Outside of work I love sports, reading, watching films and listening to music to name but a few activities, and I make sure that I work just as hard in those areas too. No rest for the wicked!